AMD began their journey as a microchip start-up, evolving into a global player in the semiconductor industry. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, their main goal is to find innovations for all the challenges and possibilities of the digital age.

AMD revolutionized the HPC technology landscape

Their latest innovation, using 7nm technology has significantly increased the speed of data throughput. AMD Infinity Architecture now decouples two streams: eight dies for the processor cores, and one I/O die that supports security and communication outside the processor. With up to 64 cores/128 Threads per socket, AMD is providing the highest core count per socket on the market. This accelerates computing performance while consuming even less power. Their use of I/O-dies and PCIe 4.0 accelerate IOPS and assure the best storage solutions. This new technology launched in 2019 is a perfect alliance with 2CRSi’s guidelines to offer the best HPC solutions and highest-performing storage devices.

This vision to bring HPC to the next level makes us a proud reseller partner for AMD.

It accompanied and influenced 2CRSi already in its early beginnings. Their high performance and low power consumption technology complete our vision to offer the latest and best server solutions. In May 2019, we joined the Epyc System Integrator Reseller Partner Program and achieved an Elite partner level. This allowed us to get access to knowledge and technology directly coming from the AMD labs.

Last but not least, our customers can benefit from the AMD TCO calculator.