2CRSi Group

2CRSi expanded their activities with the acquisition in early 2018 of Tranquil (ruggedized products, edge computing) and the creation in early 2019 of Green Data (hosting, computing power rental under the Green Computing brand). We took a further step forward at the end of 2019 with the acquisition of Boston Limited. This international group of British origin is a global reference in the integration and marketing of IT equipment using the most advanced technologies on the market. In addition to the considerable expansion of our international positions through Boston Limited, we will benefit from strong commercial synergies and significant economies of scale.


Designer and manufacturer of high-performance servers based on R&D expertise and an OCP (Open Compute Project, a community that advocates knowledge knowledge sharing in hardware). The solutions offered are particularly appreciated for their ability to reduce OPEX costs by up to 25% and CAPEX costs by up to 25% and CAPEX costs by up to 40% for customers. The technical is concentrated in France, in Strasbourg. Production can be carried out locally at one of the Group's Group sites.

Green  Data

Leasing and hosting of green computing power, bare metal offer, HPC as a Service. The company owns and manages two main data centers in France: one in Nanterre and the other in Sophia Antipolis.


Brand of rugged servers and energy-efficient embedded computers. The entire and production chain is internalized (R&D, manufacturing, testing), as a guarantee of quality. The products are high-end and the team has the ability to develop custom and OEM products.


Value-added distributor offering a wide range of server/storage/workstation solutions. Boston Limited offers complete product customization and all-in-one solutions by bringing together different technologies. Boston Limited has been a Supermicro® premium partner for over 20 years.

Bios IT

Consulting and integration activities with expertise developed particularly in sectors requiring high performance computing (HPC) such as finance, artificial intelligence, deep learning, research centers or cloud services.

Escape Technology

Reseller of computer solutions dedicated to the graphic design, film and special effects.

The synergy of these six brands addresses the needs of the most specific and demanding customers and users, including data centers, ISVs, distributors, and any business that needs reliable, high-quality, high-performance, and energy-efficient IT solutions. The Group's success is based on solid experience in research and development, with know-how combining mechatronics, electronics, thermodynamics and software engineering. These in-house skills allow us to develop our own products and technologies. Our ecosystem of key international technology partners such as Intel®, AMD, Western Digital®, Supermicro®, combined with experts such as Submer, GRC, Graphcore, Vcinity, Kalray, NVIDIA®, allows us to bring cutting-edge and even customized solutions to our customers around the world.