What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is a game streaming service that takes place over the cloud. The concept is for a user to have the ability to play the latest and most recent video games in high-quality resolution without the need to own a console or a PC that requires high-end graphical and computing power. The Cloud Gaming service occurs inside a server that manages all the computation and processing work. 

The gaming experience is, therefore, not linked to the capabilities of the user’s device. Thanks to this technology, anyone can play their favourite games on any device (console, computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphones) without experiencing any difficulties other than internet connectivity and bandwidth.

2CRSi: a Provider for Cloud Gaming Players

At 2CRSi, we understand that cloud gaming is a field in expansion which needs high-performing components to provide the best solution for gamers.

They Trust Us!


We had the pleasure to work with  Shadow , a French start-up providing the first high-level PC running Windows 10 directly hosted in the cloud.

2CRSi helped the Shadow teams in building their powerful infrastructure to deliver their solution at its best performance.


Gamestream , on the other end, chose to concentrate its products for the B2B market only: telecom operators, players in the tourism and entertainment industries, but also in the health sector, especially hospitals.

2CRSi and Gamestream teams worked together to implement the best solution to answer the company needs.


Blacknut , another French pure player cloud gaming provider, offers the largest catalogue of premium games with more than 500 titles. 

To host them, Blacknut called upon 2CRSi to provide servers capable of handling a large amount of data with the minimum latecy possible to load the games on any platform.

Blacknut x 2CRSi


GodÍ 1.4

For cloud gaming, GPU servers are ideal.

The GodÍ 1.4 is a 1U 19" rackabled aircooled server with 4x double width FH-FL network FPGAs.

OCtoPus 1.4

The OCtoPus is a range manufactured by 2CRSi based on OCP principles.

It's a 21" server form factor equipped with up to 2CPU per node (Intel or AMD).

The full system is reliable: no internal fan and 12V busbar OCP principles.

For gaming, a powerful GPU is required. The OCtoPus 1.4 can welcome up to 4 GPU/FPGA!

OCtoPus 3

The OCtoPus is a range manufactured by 2CRSi. 

The OCtoPus 3 is a 21’’ server form factor with drawer concept. It is equipped with up to 2CPU per node (Intel or AMD) and 1 OpenU 3N Modular design allows high scalability. 

The full system is reliable: no internal fan and 12V busbar OCP principles.

In need of a servers and workstations provider for your cloud gaming activity? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Gaming?

  • Users can play anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The platform is OS independent (Windows PC, Linux, Mac, etc) and can run on any devices.
  • The games don't need to be downloaded by the user, so they are available instantly.
  • The service provides high-definition quality using the best components of the market (CPU’s, GPU’s, storage, network, etc) for the best rendering and experience possible. The maintenance is included in the monthly fee that the user is paying.
  • It doesn't require a costly infrastructure (console or computer) that needs upgrades and maintenance otherwise it will become obsolete.