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3 days of live presentations & exhibits on high tech in finance, 2-4 June.
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Global Stac Live 2CRSi High tech in Finance

Singapore, here we come!

2CRSi extends its position in Asia with the creation of a subsidiary in Singapore and change its financial calendar.
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2CRSi designs and manufactures unique IT solutions.
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  • 21″ servers

    Complete range of 21″ solution in rack with highest performance, best profitability and high flexibility

  • 19″ servers

    Full range of 19″ computing and storage servers

  • Rugged Systems

    Full range of rugged servers and computers, fanless devices and micro clusters

Greener IT meets performance

In need for the highest performance, best profitability and high flexibility?
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Discover our 21 inches servers OCP Compute

HPC & AI needs?

Got HPC & AI needs? Discover how to supercharge your performance through our exclusive partnership with Intel >>



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