Rugged Servers

Our rugged IT range is formed on a simple vision based on customer needs and insights: IT equipment should be more reliable and produce less noise.

ALL TERRAIN IT. Our products offer high reliability and achieve outstanding performance in various applications and demanding environments with little to no maintenance. Find the product with the performance and footprint that best answers your needs.

Rugged Server - AMD EPYC 3000 Server - IP50
This rugged server is equipped with an AMD EPYC 3000 processor and up to 128GB of memory. It is ideal for applications requiring high computing power. It features an RJ45 port for dedicated management, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum reliability.
Rugged Server - Intel Xeon Server Gen2 - IP66
This rugged server is a top-of-the-range, robust fanless solution with an IP66 rating. Equipped with an Intel Xeon D processor, it offers performance and reliability. Ideal for compute-intensive applications, it performs perfectly even in the toughest conditions.
Rugged Server - Intel Xeon Server - IP50
This fanless server with up to 12 cores and 128GB RAM powered by Intel Xeon D, is ideal for edge use. It offers higher computing power than smaller rugged devices, with server-grade remote management and dual power supply for minimal downtime and maximum reliability.