Tranquil rugged IT systems: Peace of Mind for your IT!

Our rugged IT range is formed on a simple vision based on customer needs and insights: IT equipment should be more reliable and produce less noise.



Rugged computers & servers: introducing our Tranquil range


ALL TERRAIN IT. Our products offer high reliability and achieve outstanding performance in various applications and demanding environments with little to no maintenance. Find the product with the performance and footprint that best answers your needs.  

Mini Rugged IP51

 Mini Rugged IP66

Mini Rugged AMD Ryzen IP51

Slim Rugged IP51

Compact Rugged IP51

 Rugged Server IP50

Key benefits


Our rugged & fanless products are maintenance free. You can rely on them as they're made to be installed and forgotten about.

Here is why :

Benefits of fanless products

Benefits of rugged products

We can count on our strategic partnerships to deliver high-end rugged systems to our customers!