Tranquil rugged IT systems: Peace of Mind for your IT!


Our rugged IT range is formed on a simple vision based on customer needs and insights: IT equipment should be more reliable and produce less noise.



Our expertise in rugged systems

2CRSi specializes in the field of rugged, low energy IT systems providing a range of innovative solutions, bespoke models, and portable data centers.

Our products offer high reliability and achieve outstanding performance in various applications and demanding environments with little to no maintenance.

Our Tranquil's solutions are compact and easy to transport. The aluminum chassis for our solutions are built to resist the harshest environments.

The level of protection of our products is upheld by our products being fanless and having no moving parts. Dust or dirt is no longer a problem for Tranquil’s range making them a durable and reliable choice in situations where a normal computer would fail.


Designed to suit your needs


With over 15 year of experience, it allows 2CRSi delivering a tailor made approach in the development and the production of our products. Developing bespoke designs is also part of our DNA: we have the transparent ambition to meet our clients’ unique needs, thanks to the close relationships with customers, external partners and suppliers.

With powerful platforms that use the innovative processing solutions provided by both Intel and AMD, our range is extensive.

We aim for flexibility and responsiveness to changing trends with a fast technology adoption strategy. By mutualizing our efforts at a Group level, our Rugged It range benefit from an advanced access to the newest technologies available on the market, thus leveraging our strong development resources to shape them into solutions.

We take great pride in creating our systems and it is important to us that our partners are completely satisfied with their products and services.



We can count on our strategic partnerships to deliver high-end rugged systems to our customers!

Key benefits


Our rugged and fanless products are maintenance free. You can rely on them as they're made to be installed and forgotten about. Here is why

Benefits of fanless products


  • No fans obviously, no noise, but it's not the only benefit!

  • No fans allow an important decrease in power consumption, and increased lifespan of the product, making our products more sustainable!

  • A fanless computer eliminates the risk to draw in dust and dirt from the environment, the cause of potential failures and costly downtime. This also makes them particularly suitable for use in the medical sector, where hygiene requirements are particularly high.

  • The Absence of moving parts enable our products to resist shocks and vibrations, for increased reliability.

Benefits of rugged products

Our products can be placed in situations where normal PCs may fail: whether under water or exposure to shocks, they are built to withstand harsh and constrained conditions.
High Ingress Protection (IP) rating, indication the protection level of products against both solid and liquids in electrical enclosures
Our in-house designed and milled aluminium chassis are optimized for efficient passive cooling and durability. Their conception proved their reliability in extended operating temperatures
The aluminium used for the chassis production is repurposed and recycled, and the chassis production waste is recycled too!


Industries and Applications


Tranquil products are for enterprises that need a reliable rugged system for edge applications in harsh or extreme conditions, where a normal PC may fail and uptime is paramount.  Whether exposed to shocks, vibrations, extreme temperatures or to the outdoors, Tranquil's reliable and powerful industrial solutions are the perfect fit for various industries and applications. 



  • • Medical & Healthcare
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Energy
  • • Defense & Government
  • • Advertising & Media
  • • Automotive & Transportation
  • • Maritime & Offshore



  • • Office
  • • Sterile or high hygiene requirements
  • • Heavy dust/oil/saline
  • • Extended temperature range
  • • Shock and vibration
  • • Space-constrained



  • • Digital Signage
  • • Security and surveillance
  • • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • • Embedded IT
  • • Desktop & Administration

New product line coming very soon!