For over 70 years, Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and storage technologies such as NVMe SSD and DRAM Samsung has led the global memory market since 1993 and has developed in 2019, the industry's first third-generation 10-nanometer-class DRAM and sixth-generation V-NAND with a 100+ layer single-stack design, breaking through the previous limits of memory technologies.

Because experience matters Samsung SSDs have undergone rigorous testing by some of the most demanding clients, and reliably succeeded in delivering speed and performance. Fast storage solutions that work seamlessly with your workloads such as supercomputers, AI analytics systems and cloud providers.

End-to-end integration is key for SSD reliability and quality. Designing and manufacturing every major SSD component, NAND Flash, DRAM, Controllers and Firmware fully optimizes the SSD, making it work flawlessly with its host system.

As a result:

  • Lowest product failure rates
  • Few firmware updates helping to reduce down-time and keep costs down
  • Quick manufacturing improvements helping to further reduce costs
  • Ability to develop next-generation technology to further improve customer adoption
  • Fast performance
  • 24/7 endurance
  • Up to 5 years limited warranty.

Samsung delivers comprehensive products, solutions and services across diverse industries including education, federal government, finance, healthcare, hospitality, public safety, retail and transportation.

  • V-NAND technology, provide high endurance and exceptional around the clock performance for intensive applications,
  • Higher quality and a greater scalable capacity compared to conventional planar architecture to meet your current and future enterprise data storage demands,
  • Low-latency, high-speed, reliable data storage solutions to enhance server performance and efficiency.

 Samsung is engaged for environment:

  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Applied energy-saving technologies such as low-power circuit design that reduces semiconductor chip operating voltage by 15% compared to the fifth-generation V-NAND Reduction of Resource Use
  • Applied channel-hole etching and single-step etching technologies that reduce water and energy footprint Minimization of Environmental Impact
  • Samsung's 512GB eUFS 3.0 memory was awarded the Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint Certifications from the United Kingdom's Carbon Trust for the first time in the industry.