To manufacture and assemble only the best GPU servers tailor-made for your specifics needs, 2CRSi is working with three main GPU manufacturers on the market.

2CRSi's compatible servers

Our solutions are flexible and tailor-made. Depending on your preferences and/or your needs, we can integrate the graphics cards you wish for: NVIDIA GPUs, AMD GPUs or Intel GPUs.

Our OCtoPus servers range, particulary the OCtoPus 1.4 or 1.8 and our GPU dedicated servers are our best options. However, our sales and technicals teams are polyvalents and can answer your specific needs in case the servers mentionned above are not what you require! Don't hesitate to send us the technical specifications.

AMD GPU Ranges

AMD Instinct™ is a high-performance computing GPU solution especially thought for data centers. The Instinct™ range allows fast and accurate performance.

The company created its own architecture, called Infinity Architecture. With the MI200 series accelerators, AMD Instinct™ GPUs range can handle some of the most powerful HPC workloads such as AI or scientific modeling. AMD Instinct™ products leverage the latest technologies, such as high-bandwidth memory (HBM) and PCIe 4.0, to deliver high performance. They also feature advanced security features, such as secure boot and memory encryption, to help protect sensitive data.

When paired with AMD EPYC™ processors, the combo can effectively eliminate common server limitations and provide optimized solutions for various real-world applications.


NVIDIA is a well-known brand in the technology field. Leader in the manufacture of GPU, Nvidia’s products range stretches over the professional and public market.

The NVIDIA data center GPU product line includes the Tesla, H100, A100, T4, and V100 product families. The Tesla product family is designed for HPC and data analytics workloads, while the H100, A100, T4, and V100 product families are optimized for AI and deep learning workloads.

The Ampere architecture is NVIDIA groundbreaking innovations. Designed to answer and run any applications and rise to every business challenge to provide acceleration for modern data centers. NVIDIA architecture is crafted with 54 billion transistors and has a 7-nanometer chip, the largest ever built made for AI and HPC in work fields such as scientific research, industrial, simulations.

Intel GPU Ranges

Being one of the leaders on the CPU market, Intel is now launching GPUs in 2023 within a range named Data Center GPU Max Series. Containing over 100 billion transistors and up to 128 Xe cores, Intel’s new GPUs is said to be the highest performing and highest density discrete present in Intel products range. Optimized for HPC and AI workloads.

Alongside the GPU Max Series, Intel comes out strong with another brand-new range: GPU Flex Series. These GPUs are optimized for heavy-demanding workloads from streaming and cloud gaming to VDI and AI.

The Flex Series GPUs cater to demands for quality, density, and latency. These new GPUs provide over 30% enhancement in bandwidth, leading to significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. Additionally, they offer extensive compatibility with prevalent media tools, APIs, frameworks, and the latest codecs.

GPU servers are a must in many workfields. Learn more about the main applications for a GPU server !