Sustainability by 2CRSi

Reconciling growth, IT, and planet

Designing and building tailor-made hardware that serves our customer’s needs is nice but there is way more to it!

Let’s go a little further and share the vision we have at 2CRSi, about our business, about how we envision the future, through a few insights from our inspiring leaders.

Eco-city revolution: innovators driving a clean and sustainable future

The pitch


Organised by Innouvo, on November 2020, 12th.


We are predicting that similar to during the industrial or computer revolution, the ongoing ecological revolution is accelerating, offering immense opportunities, aiming to solve massive challenges, and will be responsible for the creation of millions of jobs replacing those eliminated by automation. In this intense conversation with experts in major fields, you will learn more about what you need to know to make the most of what's ahead and so you can be part of the solution.

Etre écoresponsable à l'heure du cloud

Le pitch


Diffusé sur Satis TV, le 23 novembre 2020.

La dématérialisation des contenus nécessite des solutions de stockage de masse (local ou cloud). Ces technologies sont-elles compatibles avec les prérogatives en matière d’écoresponsabilité (consommation énergétique du stockage, les applications virtualisées, énergie renouvelable…).


L'intervention d'Adrien Badina démarre à 14'14.