Applications & key benefits

Your industries, environments & applications

Tranquil (formerly Tranquil PC) provides reliable and powerful industrial solutions that achieve innovative performance in various industries, environments, and applications.

Industry rugged servers


  • • Medical & Healthcare
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Energy
  • • Defense & Government
  • • Advertising & Media
  • • Automotive & Transportation
  • • Maritime & Offshore


  • • Office
  • • Sterile or high hygiene requirements
  • • Heavy dust/oil/saline
  • • Extended temperature range
  • • Shock and vibration
  • • Space-constrained


  • • Digital Signage
  • • Security and surveillance
  • • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • • Embedded IT
  • • Desktop & Administration

Key benefits of fanless products

Fans are the most common way to remove the heat generated by electronic components. There are numerous advantages to fanless computers.


Eliminating fans means we can eliminate noise.

Limited Maintenance

As they have no moving parts, a fanless computer eliminates a potential mechanical breakdown, as well as the downtime and damage to electronic components that can come with it.

Shock and Vibration Resistance

The absence of moving parts makes the solution even more rugged: it can resist shocks and vibrations.


Without fans, power consumption is automatically decreased. Maintenance decreases drastically and the failure rate is reduced. This results in a longer lifespan than most other industry-built IT equipment, ultimately giving the product a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The aluminum used for the chassis production is repurposed and recycled and the waste aluminum throughout production is also recyclable, making the whole process highly sustainable.

No Failure Caused By External Debris

Typical fanned products can draw in dust and dirt from the environments in which they operate, potentially causing them to fail and cause costly downtime. Using a fanless computer eliminates this risk.

Portability and Location Flexibility

Shock-proof fanless computers can be placed in situations where a regular computer would fail. From a sterile operating room in the medical industry to flat out- at-sea conditions, they can tolerate the exposure to demanding applications and extreme elements.

User-centric rugged products

Rugged hardware is designed to operate in extremely harsh environments and conditions.

Our clients’ feedback informs our development process: we start by meeting a specific need for a rugged device. Then, we improve our solution, bringing us to solve the demands of new customers.

The key is experience and expertise. We listen to our customers and translate their issues into products that work in increasingly harsher environments, thus reaching higher IP ratings.

Our latest products is therefore rated IP66.

Following years of designs and customer input, our unique expertise is the groundwork upon which we will continue to build the next generations of rugged products.