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Breaking the storage bottleneck for Life Sciences Computing

How the ICM’s IT team was able to build powerful new storage services quickly, with minimal effort and the following benefits:

  • • Lower costs
  • • Breakthrough performance
  • • Faster time to discovery
  • • Architectural flexibility
  • • Fast & simple management
HPC made greener white paper

Delivering a more efficient and greener HPC

What you will learn in this white paper:

• How much the overall solution offers the bank significant advantages compared to its previous approach
• How this approach lowered CAPEX and OPEX costs with enhanced data sovereignty
• How this solution can also benefit enterprises in other industries in a similar way

Immersion cooling by 2CRSi, une solution Green IT

Les nouvelles dimensions du multicloud (en Français)

Au menu de ce livre blanc

• Le multicloud: une mise en contexte
• Les nouvelles dimensions du multicloud
• Le multicloud: qui et comment
• Une approche éco-responsable
• Structurer une stratégie multicloud
• Le cadre d'analyse et exemples de scénarios