What is OCP

19’’ form factor has been a world standard for hardware servers since the birth of modern telecommunication. With the growth of the GAFAs, as massive users of hardware, a new question has emerged: what if we created a new standard to address new challenges such as consumption, density, maintenance, or flexibility?

Facebook, with this question in mind, initiated the Open Compute Project (OCP) by 2011.


The Open Compute Project is a collaborative community, focuses on rethinking the IT principles and redesigning hardware technology to support the growing demand for computing infrastructure efficiently.

The OCP follows the spirit of software open source communities adapted to hardware. The members aim to share the best possible designs to answer modern needs with the most suitable solution.

With a touch of “Zero Bullshit”, the OCP based hardware offers three significant benefits:

  • Much more flexibility and performance;
  • Drastically lower costs;
  • Lower energy consumption.


The customer experience has always been at the heart of our mission.


That's why our company started by doing custom-made servers: to be able to offer "out of the box" designs that just suits the actual market needs, merging with OCP goals.

Convinced by the mindset, we joined the OCP community in 2018 as a Platinum member.

The 2CRSi team is actively involved in OCP Rack & Power, Advanced Cooling, HPC, Server, and Storage project groups. 

This involvement in the community enables 2CRSi to design solutions based on the OCP standards with unique 2CRSi designs, to go even further in performance and energy consumption. 

Check the OCtoPus, a 21" solution designed by 2CRSi that combines the best from OCP standards and unique R&D developments from 2CRSi

Our contributions to OCP

As a member of the community, 2CRSi has an obligation to offer contributions to the OCP Community.

Here are the latest ones:

Your OCP contact at 2CRSi

Adrien Badina, member of the 2CRSi board, is your OCP contact in the company.

Adrien Badina OCP Lead 2CRSi

More about our relationship with the community

Find out more about Lesya Dymyd's insights in that video with Allan Smith (Facebook).

Lesya and Allan talk about OCP Future Technologies Symposium 2020 that will be held in San José, California.