Open Compute Project

What is OCP

Open Compute Project Foundation is a rapidly growing collaborative community whose mission is to redesign hardware technology and to deliver the most efficient scalable computing solutions. It is an open innovation platform which provides a structure where individuals and organizations can share their ideas, intellectual property with others, co-develop technologies and encourage the IT industry to evolve. To insure a level of consistency and technological excellence, the OCP community follows the four main principles: efficiency, scalability, openness and impact.

The story behind OCP

Initiated by Facebook in 2011, the OCP Foundation started as a project to design the most energy efficient datacenter in the world. Today (2019) it counts 47 organizations with the Platinum, Gold and Silver membership levels, including Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, HPE, IBM etc. and more than 126 community organizations each of whose contribute and work consistently and continually with the purpose to develop new technologies and solutions.


Since 2018, 2CRSi is a Platinum member of the Open Compute Project.

The 2CRSi team is actively involved in OCP Rack & Power, Advanced Cooling, HPC, Server and Storage project groups. 

2CRSi designs solutions inspired by the OCP community : 21' OCtoPus range servers.

2CRSi is an Open Platinum OCP Contributor

Contributions to OCP

As a member of the community, 2CRSi has an obligation to offer contributions to the OCP Community.

Here are the lastest ones:

Your 2CRSi contact about OCP

Lesya Dymyd, a member of the R&D department, is the project lead for the OCP Community in the EMEA and is responsible for cross-regional projects and collaboration among local OCP members and adopters.

Lesya Dymyd OCP Lead 2CRSi

Find out more about Lesya's insights in that video with Allan Smith (Facebook).

Lesya and Allan talk about OCP Future Technologies Symposium 2020 that will be held in San José, California.