Intel® Server System S9200WK

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Whether your activity relates to biosciences, oil, gas, banking or weather forecasting, you probably need important computational resources.


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Cascade Lake is an advanced platform for data-centric processing. With built-in security features, compatibility with Optane™ technology, lightning-fast high bandwidth memory optimization, impressive Intel® turbo boost technology, and AI acceleration. It provides leadership performance for the most demanding compute use requirements.

Designed for HPC, advanced analytics, AI, and high-density infrastructures, Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9200 Processors feature up to 56 cores and 12 memory channels to deliver breakthrough levels of performance with high Intel architecture FLOPS per rack and the highest DDR4 native memory bandwidth support of any Intel® Xeon® Processor platform.




The Cascade Lake AP Server System S9200WK product line is built from the ground up for massive compute density:

• Up to 112 powerful processor cores per 2-socket node (448 cores per 2U system)

• 24 memory channels per node delivering ~400GB/sec memory bandwidth (2x bandwidth compared to prior generation platforms)

• 2x memory bandwidth versus prior generation platforms

• Built-in AI capabilities to boost inference performance by up to 30x

• A choice of an air-cooled or a liquid-cooled data center block

Intel & 2CRSi: a long term relationship


2CRSi is an Intel® certified platinum technology provider and we are ready to help you utilize the new family of Cascade Lake processors to modernize legacy applications and infrastructure, lower total cost of ownership, improve efficiencies, and reduce unplanned downtime.


2CRSi is Platinum Intel® Technology Provider and HPC Data Center Specialist. This high-level status, conferred by Intel on select partners only, gives 2CRSi privileged access to Intel high-performance computing solutions with a range of advantages that it can then pass on to its own customers.

2CRSi Intel Platinum Technology provider 2020

More about the Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9200 Processors

Comparison Cascade Lake AP Processors Intel 2CRSi
Comparison Cascade Lake AP Processors Intel 2CRSi

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Alain Wilmouth, 2CRSi's CEO, discusses with Carolyn Henry from Intel (from last 2019 Supercomputing show, Denver, CO):