Immersion cooling

Get to the highest level of cooling

To go deeper into energy-saving and performance, 2CRSI develops immersion cooling solutions.

Servers are submerged in tanks, then filled with a non-conductive fluid that cools all the components down, allowing them to reach the highest level of data center efficiency.

Thanks to immersion cooling, fans become useless and data centers no longer need to invest in expensive and inefficient air conditioning systems. At the scale of a data center, this represents 25% savings on the implementation of a datacenter (CAPEX) and 40% on its operating costs (OPEX).

Immersion cooling is a sustainable choice: the life of the components is extended, energy consumption is reduced and the heat generated can be reused.

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We engineer immersion solutions in close collaboration with 2 immersion racks manufacturers


This approach allows us to leverage different technologies available on the market.

Our goal is to answer better to our customers’ challenges, putting Green IT at the heart of the debate.

Immersion cooling by GRC

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) is an American-based company founded in 2009. Owner of 12 patents (9 pending), GRC has worldwide installations in 13 countries.

SmartPod V4

Submer was founded in 2015 with the vision of building technologies to make data centers more sustainable. Headquarters are located in Spain.

Our technical partners GRC and Submer have both followed us in our adoption of the 21’’ form factor driven by the Open Compute Project movement.


Available brands

Power dissipation per rack

Number of OU (OpenU) servers per rack

Server dimensions

Power Supply and pump redundancy

Submer / GRC

From 22kW to 100kW

From 21 OU to 39 OU