Air cooling

OCtoPus Rack 30: pushing air-cooling efficiency to its limits

The OCtoPus was created in 2017 while we were trying to improve the efficiency of a standard cluster. In addition to all the developments around the servers, we rethought the implementation of fans and power supply at the rack level.

We chose to aggregate all the fans at the rear of the rack, to add smart control of the fans speed and to monitor the power distribution. These developments enable reduced the power consumption by 23%.

Air cooling system Octopus 2CRSi
  • Also available :
  • OCtoPus Rack 24 (24 servers and 18 fans)
  • OCtoPus Rack 18 (18 servers + 1/3 of the rack available for 19’’ servers).


30 OpenU servers - 3 independent Pods - TOR & management Switches.

600mm (W) x 1067mm (D) x 2100mm (H).

Rack rear view 2CRSi Octopus
Pod Read Front view 2CRSi Octopus