Delivering a more efficient and greener HPC

Delivering flexible High-Performance Computing (HPC) to enterprises for green and cost-effective improvement of risk management, a global and inclusive approach.

HPC made greener white paper

What you will learn in this white paper

  • • How much the overall solution offers the bank significant advantages compared to its previous approach,
  • • How this approach lowered CAPEX and OPEX costs with enhanced data sovereignty,
  • • How this solution can also benefit enterprises in other industries in a similar way.

Executive summary

Many organizations today require large quantities of IT resources to optimize risk analysis and management.

Finance, energy, pharmaceuticals, and large project management are examples of sectors running Monte Carlo algorithms to assess and manage risk, an approach for which High-Performance Computing (HPC) is required.

Besides providing computing power, IT installations must also handle the cooling needed both cost-effectively and ecologically.

2CRSi, an international group founded in Strasbourg (France), designs, manufactures, and supplies high-performance customized and environmentally friendly servers to meet these needs. The company has worked with a global banking organization to implement a solution for the pricing of complex financial derivatives. Making HPC available as a service by leveraging a hardware platform from a major IT partner, 2CRSi has added advanced cooling in a world-class data center to meet the bank’s requirements.