Storage servers

The world is craving for more storage.

With the exciting promises of Big Data and Big Analytics, a new generation of storage systems becomes crucial. 

2CRSI is committed to bringing you smarter storage.


Where your data is not merely written to a disk but is also accessible and available.

This covers systems using:

  • state-of-the-art,
  • helium-based disks (backup, video archiving, data archiving, databases, cloud storage, and more).


Our will: allow you to interact with your data without wondering if the hardware will keep up with your needs.


2CRSi Serv24HA storage server

Looking for a "cluster-in-a-box" for software designed storage? 


The ULYS S24-HA is designed for high performance and high availability in demanding software-defined storage environments.

2CRSi Serv24 storage server SSD

Looking for a storage server platform for software-defined storage?


The ULY S24 is designed to elevate flash performance in demanding, software-defined storage environments.