QGX fanless workstations

Fanless workstations for extreme perfomance

What makes our QGXs so unique?

Our QGX Workstations combine high performance with innovative cooling technology for your working environments. Two models are available to get the best fanless air cooling solution for your PC.

We believe in providing the best solution for our customers starts with ensuring they are the best for their professional needs & our own environment.

Our QGX Workstations are designed to be fully dismantled & repairable.


Designed and built around its cooling solution, QGX-One presents a shared radiator between the motherboard and the graphic card.

With a capacity of 19 liters, QGX-One optimizes volumes and reduces empty spaces at their strict minimum.

The solution is the only one to propose a fan-less integrated cooling solution able to deliver a power worthy of the greatest. By pooling electronic cards it can run passively without cooling. Combining compactness and adaptability, QGX-One has M.2 and SSD 2.5’’ dedicated slots.

For the most extreme configurations, QGX-One can be upgraded with one optional 120 mm or 140 mm fan and is fully customizable.


Fanless enthusiasts always look for the most amazing product.

QGX-Alpha is designed around its cooling solution, the case becomes a part of it, with its front and back panels directly connected to the heat-sinks spreading the heat over its 6 mm aluminum thickness, all parts can be replaced or upgraded when required. Side panels are offered in tempered glass. Our ultimate goal is just to offer you the best fanless and most sustainable workstation.

QGX-Alpha dissipates 400W in passive mode (150W CPU and 250W GPU) and nearly 600W in active (and still silent) mode (250W CPU and 320W GPU).

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