Meet the Team

Alain Wilmouth
Chairman & CEO

Alain Wilmouth is Chairman and CEO of 2CRSi. True geek at heart, Alain made his whole carreer within IT.

It all started in 2004 when Alain Wilmouth and his brother, both passionate about IT, wanted to develop their own approach to the IT business considering that the market offer was not 100% accurate. Starting from scratch, in their kitchen, and firstly providing IT services. 2CRSI was born.

Alain runs his business with passion, looking foward to breaking the rules of a fast evolving industry : « We plan to achieve a turnover of 200 million euros in 2020, on four continents! Today, if the digital leaders want to work with a Strasbourg-based company, it is not only because of our capacity for innovation, but also because of our agility in developing unique solutions to meet their needs. France has many assets to become a Scale-Up nation!” said Alain Wilmouth.

« We are proud to be part of 2019 GITEX show, aside the main players,  to address future IT challenges ».

Outside of work, Alain enjoys photography and family time.

Frédéric Mossmann

Frédéric is Chief Technology Officier at 2CRSi. As a CTO, he leads technical specifications for upcoming product developments and customer demands.

Frédéric has more than 20 years experiences in software development, working for diverse companies such as Cap-Tic, Actimage and Kalida.

Outside of work, Frédéric enjoys sharing his skills and knowledge with engineers at Telecom Strasbourg where he’s teaching electronics.He is also a video designer and broadcasting enthusiast.

Adrien Badina
Innovation Director

Adrien is Innovation Director at 2CRSi.

Adrien has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years, working for large companies such as Alcatel and energy providers as project manager.

His current role is to envision and give perspectives around technology’s evolution and applications.

In his private life, Adrien enjoys running and spend quality time with his family.

Benjamin Barasinski
Technician Project Manager

Benjamin has been onboard from the very beginning of 2CRSi’s journey.

After leading production as Manufacturing Manager for the French facility, Benjamin was directly asked by top management to move to a Tech Project Lead position to help overviewing 2CRSi’s production growth.

True geek at heart & vehicle enthusiast, Benjamin is strongly involved into helping others in his free moments.