2CRSI provides tailor-made Scality RING server solution


Your data is safe with Scality RING

You are looking for a server infrastructure able to run effectively Scality RING? 2CRSI engineers are certified by Scality to help you to define and provide you the best equipment for this solution.

What is the Scality Ring?

Scality was founded in 2009 and based both in San Francisco and Paris. It main product is the RING. It allows to store files and data of all type (movies, mails, etc.) on some servers to assure availability and safety.

The Scality Technical Certification Program will enable the 2CRSI Storage Team to provide customers with our optimized, tailor-made and turn-key Scality RING server solution with personalized support adapted to meet their needs. Frederic Mossmann, Scality certified engineer, 2CRSI R&D team

Scality RING is based on a patented object storage technology with full scale-out file system support. It is built as a distributed, shared-nothing architecture with no single point-of-failure. Scality RING provides scalability in capacity and performance. Scality RING can works on turn-key-solutions or tailored-made solution and can be optimized for storage or network.


“The Scality RING is software that turns any standard x86 servers into web-scale storage. With the RING, you can store any amount of data, of any type, with incredible efficiency and 100% reliability, guaranteed—all while reducing costs by as much as 90% over legacy systems.” More in

2CRSI is certified by Scality!

2CRSI is part of Scality technical certification program.

Our Scality certified engineers can help you to define the best solution and unlock the power of Scality RING with our servers.