Solidigm: a New Player on the Storage Market

Goodbye Intel, Welcome Solidigm!

While Intel has exited the SSD market, its former teams are back in business under Solidigm since December 2021, which became an independent partner entity. Its product range speaks to both professionals, with data center-centered products, and customers, with everyday workload and gaming products.

A Market Leader in NAND Flash Technology - Soon to Become the Go-To Provider for Customers in SSD

Composed of formers Intel employees, Solidigm teams are professionals, already well-qualified with great ambitions. Their goal is to create a new solid-state storage paradigm that delivers unparalleled customer service and revolutionizes the memory storage industry.

Key Innovation


Solidigm is leading the industry of SSDs with products optimized performance- and value-wise. The company is the first to market PCIe QLC NAND technology and to develop the brand new PLC technology of five bit per cell.

Form factors

Every situation is unique. Solidigm has a large range of configurations capable of adapting to your needs. Its SSD storage solution is thought to push every boundary in terms of space, efficiency and scalability.

Data integrity

Solidigm's products provide full path end-to-end protection leaning on its advanced algorithms and adding extra PLI circuitry in order to ensure data integrity in case of power loss.

Advanced management

A vast range of critical capabilities is delivered: monitoring and responding to critical drives functions, remotely and securely wiping data or adjusting media usage to workloads.

Solidigm's Latest Series for Data Centers

SSD D7 Series

The highest-performing family of SSDs! These data center solutions are engineered for the most demanding workloads you can imagine. The D7 Series is available in several ranges of form factors and capacities in order to provide the right performance for every need.

Solidigm’s SSD D7 Series offer reduced TCO, permitting small storage footprint and lower power consumption! Composed of PCIE 4.0 NVMe SSDs with capacities up to 15.36 TB!

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2CRSi's Server Solution Compatible

Solidigm's D7-P5500 is part of the D7 family with capacities up to 7.68 TB. It's ideal for performance-sensitive read-intensive workloads.

Our server, the Grid 1.12iP, is compatible with this product. It is equipped with 32 memory slots. 32 SSDs with a 7.68 TB capacity each? You can reach up to 245 TB in one server.

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