R&D project management

Tangible results 2019-2020

  • • 16 major server projects industrialized
    • 7 major server projects on their way to be assessed
  • • 7 major electronic cards projects industrialized
    • 6 major electronic cards on their way to be assessed
  • • 2 strategic innovation projects led
  • • 1 R&D partnership confirmed
    • 2 partnerships on their way to be assessed
  • • ISO: 27001, 2 projects ongoing

Four expertise areas

With over 24 doctors, engineers & technicians onboard, our R&D team is structured into four expertise areas.


Nicolas Kinosky,

Mechanical Team Leader

Pushing the envelope on power efficiency and speed, we design our servers from the ground up. Our mechanical engineers, experts in mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, provide us with groundbreaking solutions. Here are some of our activities:

  • • Chassis design
  • • Servers design
  • • Integration
  • • Thermal calculations
  • • Sheet metal workshop


Michel Wetzer,

Electronic Team Leader

From designing custom cards and components to intelligent, embedded development we enable the future of AI and HPC through unique dedicated electronic designs with unrivaled functionalities:

  • • Electronic hardware
  • • Electricity
  • • Embedded electronics
  • • Calculations
  • • Routing
  • • Internationnal Standard

Cybersecurity & ISO

David Fritsche,

ISO 27001 Lead Implementer

Security is at the heart of our products. Our Cybersecurity division makes sure that the security needs of our clients in the private and public sector are taken into consideration from the beginning of product development to the deployment of our solutions. Our team works hard at securing our companies assets and create a more secure ecosystem in the HPC industry.

Our areas of expertise:

  • • Implementation ISO 27001
    • IoT Hardening
    • (HPC) Datacenter Audits
    • Wireless Security Audits
    • Physical Security Audits
    • OpenSource Firmware
    • NextGen Storage Cluster development

Specific projects

Leo Ciubotaru,

Special Projects Team Leader

Our special project division is researching breakthrough technologies and doing fundamental research that will unravel the industry :

  • • Thermal solutions
  • • Nanomaterials
  • • Floating data centers
  • • DC Showroom

A qualitative & partnership approach to the business

Innovation and Collaboration

Christophe Narth, Partnerships Lead

Developing the potential of 2CRSI, Christophe brings new fresh ideas and a direct approach to our collaborations in the public and private sector. Developing our network of leading enterprise partners, associations and renowned research institutions, he helps advancing our goal of making the future happen.


Sébastien Brua, Method Specialist

Goals and Values give the direction but optimized processes assure the desired results. In a fast-growing company, assuring optimized workflows and continuous improvement of our processes assure the efficiency and quality of our products and allow our employees to develop to their full potential. 

Lab and rapid prototyping area

With quick prototyping in mind, our Lab allows us to test and validate our ideas with state of the art equipment. By allowing us to stay ahead a challenging and innovative industry this is the favorite place to be for our motivated team.

Examples of products done from our R&D

We push ambitious ideas and bring them to life.

There would be no R&D department if there were no will to propose our achievements to the world.


Need to see an example?

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