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Our R&D: a vision (by Stéphane Coutanson, R&D Director)

Research, Development, Innovation!


Stephane Coutanson

Tangible results 2019-2020

2CRSi latest R&D results

Four expertise areas

With over 24 doctors, engineers & technicians onboard, our R&D team is structured into four expertise areas.


Nicolas Kinosky,

Mechanical Team Leader

Because our specific designs need the best mechanical integration, we chose to design our own from scratch:

  • • Chassis design
  • • Servers design
  • • Integration
  • • Thermal calculations
  • • Sheet metal workshop
A dedicated server chassis design


Michel Wetzer,

Electronic Team Leader

From designing cards to bringing intelligence, embedded development and more, we craft the future of AI and HPC through unique dedicated electronic designs:

  • • Electronic hardware
  • • Electricity
  • • Embedded electronics
  • • Calculations
  • • Routing
  • • Norms
2CRSi can design your own electronics for an optimized server performance

Cybersecurity & ISO

David Fritsche,

Lead Implementor & Auditor

Learn more about David with his whitepaper "Towards industrialized performance and quality control for Open Compute Hardware."

  • • Implementation ISO 27001
    • IoT Hardening
    • (HPC) Datacenter Audits
    • Wireless Security Audits
    • Physical Security Audits
    • OpenSource Firmware
    • NextGen Storage Cluster development

Specific projects

Leo Ciubotaru,

Special Projects Team Leader

Everything not being 100% mechanical projects, full research long term projects:

  • • Thermal solutions
  • • Nanomaterials
  • • Floating data centers
  • • DC Showroom

A qualitative & partnership approach to the business


Christophe Narth, Partnerships Lead

Going one step further with our partners, Christophe brings onto the table new fresh ideas and a direct connexion to the business thanks to deep networking with different stakeholders, like universities for example.


Sébastien Brua, Method Specialist

In a fast-growing company, not only performance relies on the quality of its partnerships, but also on its ability to bring processes and structure to the whole structure. From prototypes to customer care, Sébastien optimizes daily the many flows inside the organization. 

Lab and quick prototyping area

Available with quick prototyping is mind, our Lab allows us to test and drive experimentations for our customers before any product validation upon requests.

Examples of products done from our R&D

We push dreams to turn to reality.

There would be no R&D department if there were no will to propose our achievements to the world.


Need to see an example?

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