OCtoPus, optimise servers’ consumption by 23,2% 

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OCtoPus, is a high-performance infrastructure which minimises the digital footprint of the datacenters they are implemented in. Due to its mutualised servers and components, the OCtoPus reaches peak performances for last gen video games, but also in regards to 3D image conceptualisations, digital simulations, Artificial Intelligence and/or for Deep Learning practices.


2CRSi got inspired by the Open Compute Project (OCP) in order to meet the client’s demand and conditions through its OCtoPus solution.

Thanks to its savoir-faire, 2CRSI was able to generate a unique and innovative offer combining all OCP’s competitive advantages with all the intelligence, power and flexibility of 2CRSI’s solutions.

The strengths arising from this infrastructure are numereous : it improves the energy efficiency by cutting down consumption by 23,2% and minimizing digital footprint. As a result, datacenters’ owners witness a drastic decrease in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its infrastructures.

We are looking at an eco-efficient solution which is part of a Green IT outlook. This measure is combined with a large scale amount of units and therefore an increase in overall power capability.

The maintenance interventions are therefore becoming easier and faster. The time saved on maintenance can now be used in the reallocation of resources for other tasks.

The pooling of power supplies, a smart control of fans speed alined with the facilitation of maintenance enables OCtoPus to become a « must-have » solution to implement in last gen datacenters.

2CRSI deployes the OCtoPus into Blade (ShadowPC) datacenters.


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On August 6, 2018

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