OCtoPus – 21 » OCP Solution

Complete range of 21’’ solution in rack with highest performance, best profitability and high flexibility. The OCtoPus follows the philosophy of Open Compute Project (OCP).

Perfect large scale deployment ideal for simulation, AI, deep learning, VDI, Cloud gaming, rendering or CAD.


2CRSi is a Platinum member of the Open Compute Project.

Advantages :

Shared cooling & firmware optimization








Easy maintenance

  • Rectifiers, fans and servers are hot-plug
  • Front rack Data cables & LED indicators
  • Tool-less

Shared power supplies

3 power shelves per rack with high
efficiency rectifiers with or without
redundancy with single (N+1) or
dual power input (N+N).

Multiple server design






Technical specifications :

OCtoPus rack – 24 OpenU servers – 3 independant Pods – TOR & management Switches

600mm (W) x 1067mm (D) x 2100mm (H)


Server design top view

Download the OCtoPus catalog to see our wide range of 21 » servers