2CRSi backs Gamestream’s capital increase

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2CRSi today announces it has invested €400k in the capital increase launched by Gamestream, the world leader in B2B video game streaming services.


This is the most recent show of support in the course of 2CRSi’s partnership with Gamestream, including its initial investment of €1m in late December 2018 and Gamestream’s use of 2CRSi servers since 2018. This subscription will raise 2CRSi’s stake in Gamestream to 14.4%.



Founded in 2015 with a commercial launch in 2019, Gamestream became, in less than two years, the world leader in cloud gaming solutions for the B2B market. The start-up provides telecom and hospitality professionals (hotels, hospitals, etc.) with turnkey multi-device solutions (TVs, smartphones, PCs, and tablets) in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Gamestream thus offers its services to giants such as Etisalat (1st telecom operator in the UAE), Telkom Indonesia (1st operator in Indonesia), Sunrise (1st 5G telecom operator in Europe) or Medion (1st PC brand in Germany).

In the interest of offering the best high-resolution gaming experience (up to 4K), Gamestream exclusively uses 2CRSi servers. As a result, users enjoy very high-speed access to a catalog of video games released by the top publishers on the market.

The €3.5m capital increase just completed marks a decisive step forward in the development of Gamestream, which has set the ambitious goal of doubling its size in just two years. The company aims to pursue an aggressive strategy in order to extend its lead, with plans to expand its development teams, broaden its content catalog and shortly open up a branch in Asia.

Ivan Lebeau, Gamestream co-founder, and CEO commented: “The success of our capital increase is a very clear signal from investors across the board. We are proud to have the support of our longstanding partner 2CRSi, which provides us with the best servers on the market. We will be using these funds to consolidate our position as the world leader in the B2B cloud gaming industry.”


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