ULYS 460-J



July 6, 2016


Scalability and Performance in a Cost-Effective Storage Platform

The 2CRSI ULYS 460-J Storage Solution is a high-density, scalable, and cost-effective design, using 60 Ultrastar® 3.5-inch hard disk drives in a 4U enclosure. This J-BOD offers double 2-link SAS 48Gb/s performance, high availability (HA), and hot-swappable components. The design is targeted towards data centers that need a dense solution with HA capabilities, while maintaining a low power profile.

Count on the drives trusted by world’s major cloud service providers and massive 24/7/365 online transaction processing (OLTP) environments. With industry-leading capacity, reliability and warranty, the Ultrastar® 7K6000/He8/He10 lays the foundation for a worry-free data center. Innovative HelioSeal® technology allows HGST drives to put more platters in the same size enclosure; increasing storage capacity. The Ultrastar® He8/He10 also requires less power to operate and cool than air-filled drives. For quality and reliability at a low TCO, trust 2CRSI to deliver more value to your data center.

The SAS Expander Canister Module provides SAS-3 (12Gb/s) connectivity and enclosure management within the ULYS 460-J solution. Each SAS Expander Canister Module provides two (2) external SAS 4x QSFP+ (SFF-8436) connectors (one “upstream” and one “downstream“ for expansion), a RS-232 serial port, and three status LEDs. Firmware in the canister provides SAS topology configuration, enclosure management, and canister-canister synchronization. 4U60 Storage Enclosure supports up to two SAS Expander Canisters in a single system.

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