Supercomputing is coming! The talks

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The Supercomputing is now a few days away…

Please find our program & talks for the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis in Denver.


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TUESDAY, NOV 19th 2019



Next Generation Science Programs and State of the Art Cybersystems: New Windows on Our Universe, Our Planet and Ourselves

Harvey B Newman, Goldberger Professor of Physics, Caltech


Immersion Cooling for High Performance Computing

Daniel Pope, Chief Executive Officer, Submer


Solutions for High Performance Computing

Andy Parma, EPYC HPC Product/Segment Marketing Leader, AMD


How to prevent the interconnect to kill your computing budget

Benoit Marchand, Senior Computational Specialist at New York University


High Performance Computing storage

François Jeanmougin, Chief HPC Officer, 2CRSi
and Xavier Le Vaillant, Advanced Computing Solutions Consultant, 2CRSi


The new IT challenges

John Riju, Manager of the Advanced Systems Group, CGG


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WEDNESDAY, NOV 20th 2019


Software solutions for High Performance Computing and complex systems

Adrien Jelic, CEO, Agenium Group
and Guillaume Quintin, CEO, Agenium Scale


High performance object storage

Stacie Desplanques, CMO, OpenIO


Building Composable Intelligent Solutions with Kalray MPPA™

Olivier Lauvray, EVP & GM of the Data Center Business Unit, Kalray


Immersion cooling

Jim Weynand, Chief Revenue Officer, GRC


FabreX, the Next Generation Network

Alan Benjamin, CEO, GigaIO


Solve the challenges of geogracically dispersed data

Stephen Wallo, CTO, Vcinity


Book a moment with the team Supercomputing 2019 2CRSi

THURSDAY, NOV 21st 2019



Mike Strickland, MTE, Intel


Openflex: an High Performance Computing storage solution

Mark Miquelon, Platforms Partner Alliance Director, Western Digital


Hope to meet you there!

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