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Supercomputing 2019

novembre 17 - novembre 22

Supercomputing with 2CRSi Blue Bear Denver Colorado Convention Center

Because of our deep understanding of high-performance computing, 2CRSi will join other industry leaders at Denver’s SuperComputing 2019, the biggest international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage & analysis.

Join us at booth #1801.


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Supercomputing 2019 is coming 2CRSi


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We’re now just a few weeks away from the event.

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Our Program


2CRSi Supercomputing talks list OpenIO AMD Intel Submer


Tuesday’s drink


Supercomputing 2019 Drink 2CRSi

Come and join us by the end the day on Tuesday 19th for a bretzel and a drink together.


Where to find us?


Only at Booth 1801 >>

Map SC19 2CRSi Supercomputing 19


Début :
novembre 17
Fin :
novembre 22
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