About 2CRSI

Who we are


Created in 2005 by the Wilmouth brothers, 2CRSi is a French global Tech group, listed on Euronext Paris (2CRSI.PA) and active in the IT & Computer Hardware industry.

As a global player in high-performance and high-efficiency server technology, 2CRSi develops, manufactures, and distributes end-to-end green IT and energy-efficient computing solutions. Through our different companies and brands, we deliver a broad range of server solutions for various markets, including cloud computing, data center, enterprise IT, big data, HPC, artificial intelligence, 5G, IoT, rugged PCs, or embedded and edge computing.

2CRSi operates six complementary and global companies offering hardware solutions (2CRSi & Tranquil), datacenter housing & cloud services (Green Computing), IT consultancy & solution provider (Bios IT), and IT distribution networks (Boston and Escape Technology).

A worldwide presence

From our business hubs in France, United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, India, and Australia, we deliver across 25+ countries tailor-made solutions for companies from various sectors and industries, including aerospace, defense, security, oil & gas, healthcare, scientific research, telecommunications, automotive, banking, trading & finance, media & entertainment or web services.

Strong partnerships

Our partner network encompasses well-known actors, as well as smaller growing businesses.

Working in close collaboration allows us to leverage any technology available on the market: from tried and tested equipment to disruptive technologies, we streamline and re-think the whole concept to perfectly match our clients’ needs, in an energy-efficient and affordable way.

Research & development

A strong R&D investment enables us to re-think and re-design next-generation servers, from A to Z.

Our in-house expertise allows us to develop electronic and mechanical features to fit our clients’ unique purpose solutions.


Our value proposition

Green IT

2CRSi has already been acknowledged by its peers for designing and engineering solutions that will lead the way to a greener future.

High Performance

Our R&D works to optimize our solution’s density, compute power, and network speed capabilities. We also improve our solution’s efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use by following the Open Compute Project foundation.


Your specific needs drive our technical approach: from our existing offer to new developments, we customize our servers according to your criteria.

Smart design

Our solutions are designed to be simple, flexible, and scalable.

We allocate specific resources to your projects.


2CRSi customers include BLADE (ShadowPC), CGG, OVH, Free, Dassault Group, and many independent software vendors, data centers, distributors, and other businesses with a need for high-quality, efficient, reliable storage and computing.

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